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We have an amazing announcement to make.
We have now got ourselves a brand new logo & slogan, which has somehow managed to find it’s way onto a clothing range. The design team, spent hours working away, coming up with a brand new look to catapult us into the 21st century.
We wanted to reflect all the hard work, that you all give so generously, so that we can enjoy the pleasures of the marine environment.
Every time we go out and see other divers, the first thing we say to ourselves is “Who are they?” And no doubt the same applies to us too. We all know by word of mouth who we are, but it’s time that we are SEEN too.

We are all proud to be part of a really fun club, so lets show em!

So, what’s happened?
First came the idea of merchandising, but we needed to design something that reflects our club.
So several seconds went by looking at fonts... and 1 in particular really stood out. It was important to pick out a modern one, so along came SYNCOPATE (Bold) It was designed in 2010, and the word itself is a musical term, meaning to displace the rhythm.
Well, seeing as we are such a quirky bunch, thought it summed us up really well. That was the easy part. Hours later and lots of computer fiddling, discovered a real cool way of manipulating Lothian Divers into the final design called FISH. That was the logo. The slogan, well, after we all do our dive briefs, we say it all the time. LET’S GET WET!! So, it seemed only right that goes in the equation too.

So fellow people, the main colours are to be navy garments, with a turquoise logo. And also we’ll do black with a lime green logo. The logos are embroidered.

All items will put valuable funds back into the bank, but more importantly, tell everyone who we are. Advertising is extremely important to us now that we have so many avenues we can explore. The more we are seen, the more people will enquire about us. While the amount of new trainees is restricted to the amount of instructors available, the advertising will hopefully bring in more of each. All it takes is for 1 or 2 people to see our T-shirt, then the rest speaks for itself. Let us become Edinburghs no1 choice for all things SCUBA. Let us grow. The more people in the club, equals more funds in the bank.

I’m really proud to be in such an amazing club, and am forever grateful to have had such selfless, dedicated instructors, give up their time free.

Any questions, please drop me a line. Let’s get this cranked up a notch, and wear our new club colours with pride and awesomeness.We will be ordering in bulk initially, so please state what you want, the colour and your sizes please. And payments to be made to the club.

Thanks guys for at least reading this.

Taz xx

Price List.
  • Hoodies £25
  • Sweatshirts £20
  • Polos £15
  • T’s £12.50)
  • Beanies £10
  • Baseball Caps £15
  • Hand Towels, £10
  • Teddy Bears, awww £15
  • Mugs £10
  • Keyrings £2
  • A4 Car Magnets £7.50 or 2 for £13.
The originals will be kept with the boat, and people can see who we are when towing Saffina.

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