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Diving is not a cheap sport, although diving and training with a club is a good way of keeping costs down for the individual. The approximate costs are outlined below, although these are only guidelines.

Joining the club
:This involves joining both Lothian Divers and the British Sub-Aqua Club. Instruction is provided by branch members who, although trained to a high standard and qualified to national level, are amateurs and make no charge for their time. Training costs are therefore confined to pool fees and air, included in branch membership dues, and some equipment purchase and hire. The club owns 6 full sets of scuba equipment for use during pool training and for hire to members for open water training. It has been found to be essential that trainees purchase their own basic equipment (mask, fins and snorkel) at the start of the course. This leads to greater comfort for the trainee and more efficient use of pool time. Other equipment can be bought gradually, as your finances permit.

Annual Membership Fees
:Lothian Divers charge £75 per year which covers our running costs pool and classroom hire, equipment and boat maintenance, insurance etc. In addition to the club fee there is also a fee for joining BSAC which is currently £50 per year for a standard member. Full list of BSAC fees.
See Ocean Diver course costs if you are not already a trained diver.

Lothian Divers also offer:
  • Contact membership for people living out with the club area for those that have been unfortunate and had to move away from the area.
  • Reduced membership of £40 if you already have full membership with another local BSAC branch.

BSAC membership:Includes liability insurance and a monthly copy of DIVE magazine (except Student/Associate members)

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