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Ocean Diver:The initial BSAC course aimed at divers who have never dived before. The costs for this are : Ocean Diver Training Pack £30, Pool Costs £30 and we recommend you purchase a set of BSAC 88 decompression tables and a log book. £17, £4 respectively. These plus the membership fees for the first year bring the cost to £201.50 in addition to which we will expect you to purchase a mask, fins and snorkel fairly early on in your training.

Sports Diver
: The second BSAC qualification aimed at divers with the ocean diver qualification or equivalent. Sports Diver pack (£20) or Course notes (£10) if you already have a pack from Ocean Diver, plus £10 for pool fees. This course helps build up your experience and diving skills plus introduces further skills around diver rescue. One of the aims of this course is to make you more self sufficient.

Dive Leader
:The BSAC's third course aimed at qualified divers who want to broaden their diving and diving related skills. Dive Leader pack (£30) or Course notes (£10) if you already have a pack from Ocean/Sports Diver. The course introduces Dive Management skills, more rescue skills, and starts to look at how to dive with inexperienced divers.

Skill Development Courses
:We occasionally run Skill Development Courses such as Oxygen Administration, Practical Rescue Management, Boat Handling and 1st Aid for Divers. These typically cost £20 for administration plus running fees which vary depending on what venue and equipment is required, typically though they come in at around £30-£35.

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