Lothian Divers Sub Aqua Club
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Crossovers: From other organisations such as PADI and SCOTSAC etc.

divers from different agencies are welcome, in fact the club is already made up with a mix of divers from various agencies, all of whom now enjoy the benefits of membership to a local club. The annual fees are all you are required to pay as long as you are happy to dive under your current qualification.

Further Training
:No further training is required, although we will encourage you to continue your diver training at your own pace. If you decide to continue training then there is one theory lesson which introduces you to the BSAC structure and BSAC 88 tables, we do not charge for this lesson and we would be happy to provide this lesson even if you have no wish to further your training. Crossover Packs required if you want to further your training are £30 which includes the notes for the relevant course (Sports Diver/Dive Leader).

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