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Equipment Purchase:You do not need to buy equipment initially as you can hire equipment the club and local dive shops. However when you get hooked this is an rough guide to how much the equipment costs.

Whilst these costs may seem expensive, please don't let them put you off! Much of the expense can be spread over a period of time, including the club membership which can be paid in installments over a few months. Kit can also be bought cheaper second hand.

Club Kit
:Lothian divers have Cylinders, Buoyancy Compensators and Demand valves available for hire at £4 per item for the 1st day and £2 an item for subsequent dives. If hiring all three items it is £10 per day and £5 for subsequent days. Cylinders must be returned full.

Mask, fins and snorkel - £80-£120

Demand valve and Buoyancy compensator - £480-£650

Wetsuit (Drysuit is preferable for Scottish waters) - £195

Drysuit and Undersuit - £350-£700

Cylinder - £150

Accessories (weightbelt, torch, knife, guages, etc.) - £150 upwards

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