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Winter:September to April/May we meet for training at 8.20pm on Thursday evenings at the Leith Academy, Edinburgh.

Prospective Ocean Divers complete a programme of training in the classroom and the pool before progressing to diving in the sea. Classroom sessions are usually arranged for a different evening when eveyone can make it. This training, which covers all the basic skills required to dive in British open water conditions, includes such topics as familiarisation with scuba equipment, dive planning and procedures, diving physiology and basic rescue techniques.

Summer:With the longer days, Tuesday evenings are used for open water training at local sites with easy shore access, such as Dunbar and North Berwick. All training is carried out under the supervision of nationally qualified instructors, of which the branch has several. We also run the occasional day/weekend event too.

Ocean Diver
: The 1st steps to diving in the sea, is estimated to need about 17 hours of pool, classroom and open water training. In practice, this varies considerably with individual ability and application. Someone commencing training in October and attending training sessions regularly could expect to be ready for open water training by February/March but possibly sooner. In fact, most people make their first open water dives when the weather starts to improve in March-April. Ocean Divers will be encouraged to progress within the branch to Sports Diver, Dive Leader and Advanced Diver and then, at national level, to First Class Diver.

Please note
- Although the minimum age for scuba training within a BSAC Branch is 12, Lothian Divers do not currently accept anyone under the age of 18.
- You will also need to be able to transport diving equipment to/from dive sites and the dive shop (to get cylinders re-filled etc), this can be tricky to do via public transport, hence it is advisable that you have access to a car.

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