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During the winter months when the evenings are not light enough to go diving after work, we usually meet at Leith Academy to do pool training.
Please check with us before turning up, as we do not meet every week, sometimes the pool is closed or we have a social event instead!

We book the pool on a Thursday evening from 20:30 to 21:30, but turn up early (20:15) to get kit ready prior to the session.

After the pool session we can usually be found in the 'Persevere Bar ' from 22:00 onwards. This is the pub at the entrance to Leith Academy - Note: we have to move our cars from Leith Academy as the car park is locked overnight!

Direction to Leith Academy

Once at the Academy you may find that the main entrance is locked at this time of night. (if it is not the pool is on the right of the main corridor)
The side entrance to the building will be open which is half way along the car park, if you go in here, head to the main corridor and turn left, you should see the pool on your left, and the changing rooms are on the next corridor just past the pool.
We often have the fire exit open next to the pool so we can transfer the dive kit from the cars easily, this is just inside the carpark gates.

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