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Welcome:We are a Edinburgh based sub aqua club, and dive throughout the year around Scotland with the occasional trip abroad. We have a wide variety of members from all walks of life, with the common interest in diving. Within the club there are members who specialise in different types of diving : Marine Biology, Underwater Photography and Wrecks (Although the Marine Biologists call them artificial reefs).

British Sub-Aqua Club
:We are a branch (number 1945) of the British Sub-Aqua Club, an amateur diving organisation with around 50 000 members in over 1400 branches worldwide which trains sports divers to internationally recognised standards.

:Lothian Divers were formed in 1993 and now has roughly 30 members at all qualification grades from brand new divers to National Instructor. We have trained over 70 divers from scratch since the branch was formed and most members, whatever their grade, are working towards higher qualifications. We welcome divers from all other training organisations PADI, SCOTSAC etc

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