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I'm a PADI Open Water/Advanced Open Water what do I need to do?You can join and dive with us under you current qualification as is. If you want to continue training there is a cross over lecture. See 'Costs' Section for further info.
Does it matter when I join?If you are already qualified then you can join at anytime. If you are not already qualified then we can only accept you when we have a weekly pool session, which is usually between September and March.
How much does it cost to join?See 'Costs' on the menu. ;-)
Do you provide drysuit training?We do, however you will need to provide your own drysuit. Depending on how many dives you have done, it may be preferable to start drysuit training with a pool session. There is no charge as long as you are a club member.
What is the minimum age for diving?Although the minimum age for scuba training within a BSAC Branch is 12 Lothian Divers do not currently accept anyone under the age of 18.

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