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on 28/03/2012

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Hazel did it again, took me away to somewhere hot!
Well actually it was overcast most of the time which made if bearable ;-)

We went to a place called Speyside, lots of Scottish names there as some of the plantation owners were Scottish, unfortunately no Islay and more to the point no whisky, however we did sample the local rum.

Anyway around to the diving, not as much variety as the some of the places we have already been to (Red Sea, Indonesia) but reasonable all the same, the majority of diving off Speyside was drift diving which made some dives fairy interesting, and photography about impossible, anyhow in the quite moments I did manage to get a few pics:

OK, so I know you were expecting more but yes we only spotted these two types!

Other Worms
Fire Worm



Other Divers

Being Told Off

OK Then :-(
Other Dive Pics:
The Hotel

View from the balcony

Only thing in this bay is the hotel

Dive Center

Tree outside the room
Into Speyside

Sugar Mill

Jemma's Treehouse

Roti Shack
One day we took a tour around the old platation roads


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